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EasyInk Solutions (EIS) is a Ryerson student group that aims to raise awareness for sustainable inkjet textile printing among representatives within the fashion industry. Our goal is to bring forth change within this industry with the environment in mind.

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Meet the Team

Winnie Lee

Winnie is currently a third year student at Ryerson University for the Graphic Communications Management program. She is the project manager for this project, as she finds fulfillment in coordinating and collaborating with people to complete long-term projects. She is looking to complete the program with a concentration in publishing and a minor in marketing. 

Jarif Yasar

Jarif is a fourth year student at Ryerson University. He manages corporate relations as he is responsible for contacting guests and holding interviews, as well as presenting the webinar. He is looking to pursue a career in digital arts and illustration.

Joseph Ng

Joseph Ng is a third year student at Ryerson’s Graphic Communications Management Program (GCM). He has chosen to focus his efforts towards the packaging concentration. Sustainability is an important topic of discussion in the packaging industry and that is what sparked his interest in this project.   

Noah Ing

Noah is a third year student at Ryerson under the Graphic Communications Program (GCM). With an interest in design and supporting roles in management he works within the team under the blog and branding department to provide factual research, insight on design planning and manage for our social media platforms.

Catherine Kai Lin Cha

Catherine is a third year GCM student pursuing a minor in Communication Design and a Packaging Concentration. She is currently Co-VP of Social Media in GCM Colloquium and illustrating for The Continuist at Ryerson. As branding lead, she develops EasyInk Solutions’ unique graphic style with her team and directs social media promotions. Additionally, Catherine conducts research and article writing for the EIS blog.

Tiffany Quach

Tiffany is a third year student at Ryerson University, pursuing a major in Graphic Communications Management with a minor in Communication Design. She works on the branding team, involved in the visuals of EIS. In addition, she works on blog team editing, researching, and writing for weekly articles.  

Anna Dang

Anna is a third year student majoring in Graphic Communications Management at Ryerson University with a packaging concentration. She has a passion for fashion and technology, which enables her to lead and direct the blog team in order to develop quality content and meet deadlines; ultimately allowing engagement amongst readers and EIS.

Alexandra Thurm

Alexandra is a fourth year student at Ryerson University in Graphic Communications Management. She is currently pursuing a concentration in Publishing and a minor in Design and Communication. Alexandra, also helps to manage corporate relations as she is also responsible for contacting guests and holding interviews, as well as presenting the webinar. Alexandra is the co-president of Ryerson Rock Climbing Club. She is looking forward to a career in publishing. She hopes her career will be based in environmental work.

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